Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Tallest Man on Earth is back.

Since his 2008 album, Shallow Grave, fans of the Kristian Matsson, who goes by the moniker Tallest Man on Earth, have been anxiously awaiting his sophomore album release.

The Swedish folk singer is also often associated with Dylan because of his unique raspy croon, guitar stylings and specialized folk repertoire. He even references “Boots of Spanish Leather” in his song “King of Spain,” which shows off Matsson’s quick-finger guitar skills.

The Wild Hunt takes listeners through the Tallest Man’s complex mind as his scratchy voice sings songs about the meaning of the past, present and future. His guitar sometimes whispers and sometimes screams melodies, which makes for a interesting ride through his lyrics as well. The range of the elements combined creates an album that showcases Matsson’s versatility as an artist.

For instance, on the track “Love is All” the Tallest Man cries lyrics like “Here come the tears, but like always I let them go,” and a reflective sensitive man appears. Then he becomes more self-assured on “A Lion’s Heart,” with a softer voice and more wise perspective on things.

It will take a couple of listens to wrap your head around some of his mysterious lyrics, but it’s worth the trouble because what the Tallest Man on Earth has to say is quite profound.