Saturday, April 17, 2010

Deer Tick is hard not to like.

Deer Tick is one of those bands that is difficult to describe. Not just their sound, but their personalities too. I had the opportunity to see the band from Providence, Rhode Island a couple weeks back in Columbia and it was unforgettable. In fact, it ended with silly string.
Lead singer and guitarist John McCauley is the instigator of their unique vibe, starting with his scratchy vocals and ending with his eccentric outfits. This is a picture of him (right) playing at Coachella, sporting a sundress and sparkly green hat--only to prove that he can do whatever he wants.
However, there's a bigger reason I'm writing about Deer Tick. They're getting ready to release their third album, the Black Dirt Sessions, which will be brilliant I'm sure. In the meantime, they released this track entitled "Twenty Miles" to keep you occupied: [mp3] Deer Tick - "Twenty Miles"

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