Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Grace Weber just wants to make the world dance.

Grace Weber released this video today reminding the world that it's not all about the money, covering Jessie J's "Price Tag."

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Meet me in Montana.

So next week I will embark on a journey into the mountains. Deep into the Bridger mountains of Bozeman, to my dear friend Peter's cabin. In the spirit of this, I'm going to need to post this video that Peter sent out to all of us. It's pretty oldschool and involves Marie Osmond singing "Meet me in Montana" with Dan Seals. Marie has inspired my wardrobe for the trip. Also, thought I'd throw in some evidence of our trip to Goodwill this weekend. Tom and Grace found some gems for MT.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The People's Key in action.

Listening to the new Bright Eyes album is a beautiful experience, but Conor Oberst teaches us that watching and listening can be more worthwhile. The band posted a video of a room filled with sofas, vinyl and a projection of song lyrics on the wall. People come in and out of the room to sit on the couch and talk, look at picture frames or pet a dog. At one point Conor comes through with a bottle of wine and reads lyrics while the album plays. It was a cool ritual to watch and it make me wonder why I've never thought of it. Regardless, I've been watching this video daily for almost two weeks now.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

True/False music!!

Last weekend, True/False documentary film festival came back to Columbia, Missouri for its eighth annual four-day takeover. I went to more than eight films, and I could write a novel about each one of them (I guest-blogged for my friend about one of them), but I want to focus on the music.

The first film that involved inspiring music was Benda Bilili!
It is about Staff Benda Bilili, a group of musicians from the impoverished Congo. They gather to sing songs about their optimism as they live in terrible conditions. One more thing: they are handicapped. This story was incredibly inspiring and will make you never want to complain about anything again. Even though their songs are not in English, it's easy to understand the emotion behind each note.

In between film screenings, True/False has different musicians play to entertain the audience. This year, I saw a cute girl with a ukulele. Her name is Lizzie Wright. She's just got a great attitude and there's a lot of love in her songs.

The last musicians who I really was impressed by were Bramble, a band from Salt Lake City. They're one of those young and hungry kind of bands and I really like their dynamic.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Wavves video explains it all.

Nathan Williams is such a punk. He has ridiculous antics and appears to only care about three things: the beach, his girlfriend's cat and weed. This video will sum it up for ya.

Wavves also recently released a new track called "TV Luv Song."