Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wilco announces new album!!

Jeff Tweedy & Wilco officially announced a summer release of their new album, Get Well Soon Everybody.

The album will be released on Wilco's very own new record label, dBpm. It will be a sassier version of their past work, which can't be a bad thing. There's talk of it being two-disc set, which I'm anxiously crossing my fingers for, of course.

Here's what Mr. Tweedy had to say about the matter: “I do think it’s a little bit more obnoxious and irreverent of a pop record than people have heard from us, maybe, ever."

In honor of the new album, Paste Magazine put together this list of the 30 best Wilco songs. It's pretty comprehensive and will send you back to the archives of some of their greatest work.

'Hallelujah' covers tribute Leonard Cohen.

I stumbled across this video today because Paste Magazine put together a list of the 15 greatest 'Hallelujah covers. The Beirut one was my favorite. I think listening to 15 different versions is a phenomenal way to celebrate Leonard Cohen's legacy.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bright Eyes here, there and everywhere.

Bright Eyes recently came through Kansas City, Milwaukee and will be in Columbia in August. I'm happy for them, but sad for me because I keep missing their epic shows! It's such a tease. Therefore, I've been following them on the interwebs - because that's my only choice. A couple weeks ago they were on The Tonight Show performing "Beginner's Mind," which happens to be one of my favorite new tracks.

Conor and the band were also recently featured on NPR's World Cafe, which was a treat. It's nice to get some background about The People's Key and hear an in-depth interview with Oberst and Mogis about Saddle Creek's motives. They even sneak in "Lua" at the end.

Smith Westerns in fog.

Forgot to post would be a crime not to share it.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart are exactly what they say they are.

I've recently gotten into The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, a "dream pop" band from NYC. I think part of the reason I became so interested in them is because they remind me of Belle & Sebastian. They've got that young, heart-broken thing going on, which this video will display quite accurately. These kids hit the nail on the head: full of "pain," "heart," and "pure."

Monday, April 4, 2011

Tomboy finally debuts!

This Monday morning was the Monday morning after spring break. It was an extremely difficult task to peel myself out from under my covers this morning and an even harder task to brush my teeth. My morning issues were momentarily reconciled by NPR's decision to stream Panda Bear's new album Tomboy.

I haven't always been interested in Panda Bear, but I have been interested in Animal Collective for a while. Noah Lennox is still the man behind the music and needless to say, it got me through Monday.