Saturday, April 10, 2010

She & Him sounds like summertime.

She & Him have done it again. She being the lovely Zooey Deschanel and him being the talented M. Ward. If you're in one of those "I wish it were summer already" moods like I am lately, listen to She & Him's Volume Two.
Just like their Volume One released in 2008, Deschanel and Ward collaborate to bring back vintage sounds in a rare way that makes you feel like a part of a variety of eras. It's refreshing to hear so many genres in one: hints of folk, pop, rock, country, jazz...pretty much anything you could find in your grandparents' vinyl collection.
Ward controls the strong guitar sounds while Deschanel pipes in with her flirty vocals and keyboard. Ward, who produced the album, occasionally jumps in to sing along.
Key tracks are "Thieves," "In the Sun," and "Lingering Still."
With such a versatile blend of upbeat poppy songs (the good kind) and slower more reflective tunes, you can't go wrong putting this album on repeat.
It's like Deschanel says in "Me and You," "You gotta be kind to yourself."

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