Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sufjan Stevens releasing "BKE" package.

Collaborating with a full-blown orchestra in November of 2007, Sufjan Stevens performed a multimedia experience for avid fans at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Next Wave Festival. The show portrayed clips of the 11.6 mile Brooklyn-Queens expressway (as a result of city planner Robert Moses' vision for a modernized New York City between 1937-1964) coinciding with varying symphonic rhythms. Not to mention hula hooping women. Stevens initiated an awareness of the harsh relaity of the greed and power-hungry behavior that New York City possesses. The show combined perpetual images of the road fusing Stevens' familiar indie sound with a new orchestral dynamic, comparable to that of minimalist Philip Glass.

Due out Oct. 20, Stevens will release the production that took a couple of years to put together, rightfully so. Stevens' relentless pursuit for profound art and music is sure to be revealed in this highly anticipated package.

Check out a preview of the package on Asthmatic Kitty Records' website:

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