Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Playing for Change.

Why do mathematicians like math? Because numbers are universal.
Naturally, why do musicians like music?
Mark Johnson claims it is an art inscribed inside of everyone around the globe.

It's that very notion that moved Mark Johnson to start Playing for Change, a non-profit organization that travels the globe to unite people under one idea: music. The organization aims to fund music schools around the world, recently starting in South Africa.

The video on youtube has already received over 20 million hits. As various international artists take part in the musical workings of Benny King's "Stand by Me," it is impossible to ignore the captivation of the completely isolated musicians in harmony. Collectively, artists from Santa Monica and New Orleans to Russia and Italy participate separately in the same masterpiece of music.

Johnson was featured on ABC as part of their "Person of the Week" segment last week, and rightfully so. See his impact here:

Visit the website for more inspirational videos and information here:

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