Monday, September 13, 2010

the Taylor and Kanye episode.

Everyone remembers Kanye's night of interruption at last year's VMAs.

This year, no one really knew what to expect from Taylor or Kanye after the incident. Was Kanye going to diss her again? Was Taylor going to punch him in the face? Either way, the anticipation was building.

Neither of those things happened. Taylor Swift sang her new song "Innocent," which I thought was a really sincere look at the whole situation. She basically made the song all about Kanye, not her. Swift repeated the lyrics "You are not not what you did" were repeated throughout the song and it added a lot of character. There was some criticisim about the song because it might have been a little bit of a yawner for some, but I really liked the message. Good for you Taylor Swift.

Kanye managed to get the last slot of the show, which was epic if you ask me. He's got an ego the size of a spaceship, but he did a good job going outside of himself to find this song. As Kanye stood in the middle of a white stage while three ballerinas pranced around him, he rapped, sang and played with his soundboard all in the name of regret. It may be a stretch, but I think he was expressing some amount of remorse for last year, along with a little bit of pride? There's pride in everything Kanye does.

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