Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I really want to be your friend forever.

It must be pretty video week. A smart filmmaker by the name of Ryan McGinley posted a video today of Smith Westerns and their mentors Girls.

The video has scraps from this years Pitchfork Music Festival and takes you through the performer-audience relationship that both bands harness so well. My favorite part is during Girls' Laura when the camera keeps coming back to this one kid in the audience with a red bandana who is singing along with Owens word for word. It reminds me that I need to see them in concert because that's exactly how you feel - connected by every lyric that comes out of Christopher Owens' mouth.

"Reach out/ touch me I'm right here/and I don't want to fight anymore/I really want to be your friend forever/friend until the end of it all."

McGinley talks to Girls and here's how it happened.

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