Thursday, February 10, 2011

Genre-bending music.

ATIBA EVANS Panasonic GH2 Skate from skatefairy on Vimeo.

Last week, Tom and I played freak folk on our genre bender segment on our radio show. We played bands like Animal Collective and and artists like Devendra Banhart and Joanna Newsom.
Avey Tare, the founder of Animal Collective, has a project called Panda Bear and it fit more into our genre bender segment this week, chillwave. A blogger who goes by Carles coined the term on Hipster Runoff, to describe a genre filled with synthpop and lo-fi sounds that focuses on a looping effect.

This is a video for Panda Bear's "Atiba Song." Nothing like a bunch of skateboarders jamming to chillwave. Panda Bear's new album Tomboy will be released soon.

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