Sunday, November 28, 2010

Smith Westerns' "Weekend" is a teaser.

"Do you think/is it normal/to go through life/oh so formal?"

Earlier this month, the Smith Westerns, a young garage band from Chicago, released the track "Weekend" off of their soon-to-be album Dye it Blonde.

I first saw the band when they were on tour with Girls last winter. They all seem to be the little brothers of Christopher Owens, with their cries of heartbreak and anecdotes about love. After all, their youth is what they've got going for them; their echoey childish voices coupled with their poppy beats are part of their magic.

The Smith Westerns were also featured on NPR's All Songs Considered. You'll have to wait until January to hear the album and I'll be dying of anticipation with you. It'll be just the kind of beach party I'll be needing come winter.

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