Friday, October 8, 2010

Local Natives and Love Language in CoMo.

Looking at their website, you can tell Local Natives is a band that plays music as purely artistic expression. Their photo blog is another testament to that. I had the pleasure of seeing them at the Blue Note in Columbia Sunday and there was not a dull moment.

I knew they were Talking Heads fans because they cover "Warning Sign" on their album, but seeing them play live just reenforced it. You wouldn't think that Gorilla Manor is their only album at this point, but it seems like more than enough for them to experiment with. There were always two drummers and every band member can sing. It's amazing how one person can lead a song and then another can take over and they compliment each other so well. The whole show was one carefully crafted harmonizing session after another. When they came out for an encore and played "Sun Hands," the crowd went crazy. Local Natives managed to fill the Blue Note with jumping, screaming fans and I'm sure they'll be back again. My favorites were "Warning Sign," "Airplanes" and "World News."

Love Language was the opener, and they were a perfect component to Local Natives. Stuart McLamb and his electric guitar took the stage and sang their love songs. I LOVE them. Please listen to "Stars," "Lalita" and "Brittany's Back."

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