Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jay Z's epic performance at Bonnaroo.

Last night my friends and I decided to pretend that we were at Bonnaroo this year from a living room in Columbia, Missouri. You may think this sounds lame, but it ended up being a pretty unforgettable sequence of events. Thank God YouTube chose to broadcast the festival live all weekend, otherwise we may not have experienced Jay Z's unbelievable magic. I think we watched for about an hour and a half. Although it was Jay's first time at the festival, it would be difficult to tell.

Beyond the truth of his raw talent and deserved praise, I didn't really realize how down-to-earth Jay actually is. At the end of his performance (after he played a medley of favorites like Big Pimpin, Dirt of Your Shoulders, Hard Knock Life, Bonnie and Clyde, Empire State of Mind and Encore) he pulled a girl on stage to wish her happy birthday. Before that, he had called out random people in the audience to connect with those lucky enough to witness the adrenaline rush on stage that night.

Here's a clip of my favorite song of the night: Forever Young.

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